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For Bulletproof Self-Esteem

Jill spent months in her room – doing nothing but surfing the net. After a while, she didn’t even clean the room.

Her family was raging and desperate at the same time: what is going on? Why doesn’t she move and begin looking for a job? Is she only lazy or is this the beginning of some serious mental problem? Of course in their worry and resentment, they were consumed with critique and advice – which wouldn’t help her.

Jill was even more uncertain: does she really have a problem like one of her close relatives? Will all of these negative prophecies about her future come true? Is she really that useless woman with unacceptable character traits as her family made her feel?

What do you think helped Jill move forward? She made it clear to herself who she actually is: what is her personality, what are her values, what kind of talent is lurking inside her. – Sure there were more: accepting the features which make her different from her family members, but all of this started her on the path to realize those traits.

–      Do you feel like you’re in her shoes? Had you known yourself better could you find a job easier, hobby and friends? Now you can help yourself!

Laura had a tough upbringing. She was told permanently that she is dumb, she is worthless. Her parents – struggling with their own troubles – weren’t able to protect her from traumatic events. Slowly, she believed she is the reason for all of her suffering and she deserves it. She wasn’t aware of her kind, charming character. She wasn’t strong enough to steer her life independently.
Changes began when she realized no matter what negativity her relatives and colleagues tell her occasionally, she is full of great values. She is stronger than she thought. She is more than capable of doing things on her own. When she realized how many assets she has, her belief in herself grew wings.-      Do you have relatives or acquaintances whose bad opinion disturbs you? Are you sure they are right? Do you want to be more certain about your qualities?

Aishacouldn’t make a suggestion about the home, a remark about where to find parking lots, or how to make holiday decorations without rushing into a fight with her husband about her bossing him around. She was full of doubts: Is she really that controlling as her husband stated or is this the other way around?You can bet it took a while to clarify who controls whom and why. But it also began with the honest self- exploration: am I controlling or not?-      Do you often argue with your partner about who is controlling, irritable, inconsiderate and the like? You can figure out the clear answer plus a wider picture of why you were stuck in this argument so many times?Sign up for the “Discovering ME!” program right now – and let yourself be introduced to the charming, witty and self-confident YOU!


What’s your gain if you complete the program?




Here is how it works

When a baby is born it has no knowledge about itself, but rather hazy feelings of good and bad. Being fed is good. Feeling hunger is bad. At the beginning she or he is not even aware of being a person – being a different person from the mother. The psychic separation follows the biological separation of birth.

The baby has no knowledge about the world, it has no reference points. The experiences are gathering slowly, but the main source of information is the caretaker – mostly the family members.

How they see the baby makes a profound effect. If they love and accept the baby as it is, it generates the feeling of: “I’m OK. I’m lovable.”

If the parents encourage the growing child to explore, if they have faith in the child that it will develop normally and will be able to complete their age-appropriate expectations, it means to the child: “I’m capable.”

If they praise the child’s achievements, it sets off the feeling: “I am talented.”

Generally: a positive atmosphere, positive feed-back builds the Self-Esteem.

But in many families, parents are rather prone to feed-back the negative side. They might struggle themselves, they might believe that showing the sign of love is “spoiling” the child, they might want to motivate and provoke achievement by making the child feel “not good enough”.

Every parent has the power to make the child feel little, ignorant, stupid, and worthless. Children who are growing up this way might develop low Self-Esteem: they believe what they’ve heard; they believe what the care-taker (teacher, priest…) made them believe by glances, movements, punishments, silent treatment or neglect: namely that they are little, ignorant, stupid and worthless.

What are the options for these people? Are they doomed for lifelong doubts about their capabilities?

No way!


How can we correct?

It is not easy to counterbalance the effect of the early years and the most significant persons in someone’s life. Usually they are so deeply embedded convictions that we do not even question them.

But our capacity to straighten up issues is tremendous!

Here is our powerful frontal lobe with its huge capability for comprehension, emotion regulation, problem solving and future planning. We might kick it into action and rethink who we truly are.

What we didn’t learn from our parents, we can revise in our adulthood.

Once in a University exam I was a bit uncertain about what I was going to say. The Professor – one of my favorites – interrupted me: “I am not curious about what you don’t know! Speak about what you know!”   It was so soothing.

This attitude leads the investigation: we will find your strengths! Sure, you can face your weaknesses and decide if you simply accept them or try to improve. But our main focus here is to crystallize your unique traits, values and talents.

Perceiving and interpreting your long known characteristics, and completing them with newly discovered ones can be extremely empowering!

What exactly can you review if you sign up for “Discovering ME!” program?


EXPECTATIONS – for yourself, for life, for partner, for family, friends and for the future






Does it worth it? – Sure!

Can you afford to spend $ 18 for your Bullet Proof Self-Esteem? – Hmmm…!

Money back guarantee

I am very confident that you will like it and you can use it for your benefit. I promise that I will send back the entire amount if you are not completely satisfied with the Program within the first 7 days.