Are you struggling with your Self Esteem? You are not sure about your worth? Value? Don’t you feel yourself lovable? Are you afraid of rejection? Do you feel inferior some times? Try this! It will help you to build up a healthier image about yourself!

Every once in a while we really need to convince our loved ones, friends or co-workers to do things differently. If we do it from anger or brute force, usually it creates more friction and misunderstanding. Being calm but clear about what we want and apply appropriate timing is the key. Here are some help how to gather and deliver your points.

Identifying manipulative relationships are really hard some times. Many-many people are not aware that their bad feeling about themselves, taking the blame for everything going bad, feeling confused, being frustrated and angry derived not from themselves but from the way their loved one communicate with them. Here is a list you can consider if you have doubts…

Do you want to hear more about Emotional Manipulation in order to decide whether or not it is what is happening with you? Watch this free Video Series for more information.