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Wise Love E-Book

Are you struggling with your loved one?
Are you confused as to what is the real reason why?
The more you want to solve the problem the easier you end up fighting?
This is so nerve wrecking that slowly you have difficulties to focus on work, assignments, kids and friends.
You were thinking of asking for help, but going to a counselor is as embarrassing as well as expensive…
Don’t worry:
This program was made for you!

$ 8.00

What did you try in the past?

Nagging – demanding – convincing – silent treatment – swallowing – screaming matches – being nice – doing favors – avoiding the problem?
One or more of them? – Nothing worked.
I bet you would do everything to save the relationship!

My approach: Understanding first, changing based on that


I suggest

Systematic self-assessments in more area of your life like expectations, values, needs, personality traits.
– Assessment of your partner’s expectations, values, needs and personality traits.
– Decide about its compatibilities.
– Effective communication skills in order to get what you want from your relationship.
– Practice daily Relax and Visualization to reduce stress and support the changes in the holistic way.

I worked out this program to lead you through this process.


Carefully designed to complement

The analytic left side of the brain

The holistic right side of the brain

Practical information about communication


Right and Left Hemisphere?

Let me tell you a quick reminder about the way our right and left hemispheres are working!
Our left hemisphere is the computer; it is analytic, rational and preoccupied with the details.
Our right hemisphere is the artist, intuitive, emotional, and visual and sees the world as a whole. We can say when our left brain analyzes a tree our right hemisphere enjoys the forest.

This interactive online program was designed to employ both sides of the brain. It is supplemented by various lessons about effective communication, which serve as guidance for everyday problem solving.


What you gain:

– Understanding about your partner and your main characteristics
– Assess the two of your compatibilities
– Survey the main clashing points
– Working out an action plan for problem solution
– Tools on how to approach and resolve problems
– Practice to relax and be more calm and reliable in every area of your life
– Practice to visualize your wishes and prepare yourself realizing them



7 Worksheets
7 Lessons
Downloadable in
Pdf format
$ 8.00

Downloadable Relaxation and Guided Imagery Exercise (mp3 format)

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