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Six Signs of an Abusive Relationship

425.280.2643 Would you be aware of it if you were in an abusive relationship?  At my most recent check up, a pretty nurse prepared me for the visit. Her fine face was decorated by a dark circle encompassing her eye – almost surely caused by the viscous hand of her “loved one”. She was obviously …

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The “One and Only” does exist?

Do I have to choose right then everything will happen by default – or: Doesn’t matter who I chose if I adjust sufficiently love will follow? None of them, or both? In my opinion, this concept is the product of western civilization which assumes that you simply have to find your “true love”, progress your …

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Is it OK for divorced couple to get back together?

Divorce is such a painful and difficult event; it stirs up so many emotions. Among others we can be hit by doubt: is it OK to get back together or not? The answer depends on the underlying feelings: if it is led by the appreciation, love or belonging, then why not to give another chance. …

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