I am an MA psychotherapist in private practice. My goal with this blog to help you solving your everyday emotional difficulties with the help of my psychological knowledge and experience.

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10 Signs You’re Trying Way Too Hard To Get A Guy To Like You (And How To Stop)

So you can focus on finding real love. When you first fall in love and feel deeply convinced the new guy you’re dating is “the one,” you might think that if he only loved you back, you’d be in seventh heaven. This might lead you on an attempt to run that extra mile in order …

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Need Deprivation that Causes Serious Problems in our Youth

Credit: Jozef Polc via 123rf.com

Over the last few years, our community has suffered far too many losses.   I feel very much empathy for the family members. I am not even capable of comprehending what they have been through. I’m afraid they were focused on thinking way too much about what they might have done wrong, what they might …

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Mukilteo Is Strong, But Healing From The Emotional Wound Is Slow

How Can We Support Each Other?   Mukilteo has been shaken by the fatal shooting that occurred on Saturday night. We are all devastated by losing three of our young people, and another injured. For the young man who pulled the trigger, he is facing life altering charges. In such traumatic events, we witness very …

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4 Components Adding Up To Raise (Or Not) Narcissistic Children

Narcissistic people can be very difficult to deal with: they are self-absorbed, they focus on themselves, they might be hyper-arrogant, demanding, entitled and there is no way you could convince them to take responsibility for their action. None of us dream to raise children who will then look through us or exploit us when they …

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Personality Disorder Under The Lens

Personality Disorder – not label, not put down, but no excuse for bad behavior: what is it then?   Attaching a mental health diagnosis to each other has become fashionable lately. Recently, statements in the press stating Trump is a narcissist, the neighbor is borderline, and the boss is bipolar are pretty commonplace. In defense …

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