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“Discovering ME!”

From Strings To Wings

“From Strings To Wings”

“Wise Love”

 What is an Online Program?

It’s hard to describe an Online Program only with words: let the video explain instead!

Nowadays there is tremendous possibility to find things, ideas, solutions and help online. Counseling and coaching was a personal business until now…

But with the help of this new Online Tool our opportunities multiplied: whoever need professional guidance, support or advice, today can ask for it through the Web.

I offer three thoroughly considered, well prepared programs:

One of them: “Discovering ME!” is based on the psychological principal: the more you know about yourself, the better you lead your life.

In the second one: “Wise Love”  this principal is extended: The more you know about yourself and your partner, the better you can lead your life and relationship. It’s original title was “Instead of Divorce” because it gives an Inventory about the similarities – differences of you and your partner, then gives communication tools to solve the difficulties.

The third and newest Online Program: “From Strings To Wings” offer clarity in the “murky waters” of Emotional Manipulation and  teaches practical behavioral tactics to handle manipulative situations.

What makes an Online Program even more attractive: you not only get an electronic version of a book, but through the interactive site you can apply the knowledge to you by answering my questions and send special questions and comments to me which I can answer to you.

Below there are the three Online Programs which are available now.

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What Online Programs can I choose from?



Reveal and Override Emotional Manipulation

 From Strings to Wings – Reveal and Override Emotional Manipulation

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Discovering ME! – For Bulletproof Self-Esteem

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WISE LOVE – For  regaining affection

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