“She always knew who she was…”

What makes us free spirited, self confident creatures?


Once I had a friend. I loved her dearly not because she was so obedient and easy to handle, but because of her firm, opinionated nature…

She was called Renee, and she was a 3 year old mare when I first saw her. Her life began in an unfortunate way because of an injury labeled “ringbone”. When she was a young filly, her front hoof inflamed, and then over the course of months it ossified and solidified into one bone. While it was inflamed, she was in excruciating pain and it lasted for many months. After the process finished, the pain was gone, she could step, trot and canter, but her hoof lost its flexibility. She can work, but not excessive otherwise she can become permanently lame.

She caught my eyes when she eagerly tried to join her horse friend who was led out from the paddock to be given a lesson. The coach needed help to keep her back while the other one stepped through the gate. I asked her and learnt her sad story. Due to this injury she had no training, she had no rider, she had no job, and she had no visitors. The same evening I decided that even though I am not a big horseman, I will try to make her life a bit happier. I reviewed what I can do for her: I might lead her out from the stable to walk, graze and I can groom her sometimes and we could play the so called “free launch” in the arena – when the horse just runs around without any restriction. Thus, our playing around began.

Immediately at the beginning of our friendship, she showed that against all odds, she is a very free spirited creature. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and in what order. She dragged out her head from her leader’s hand. She reared at me when she wanted grazing instead of walking. She gently pushed me away when she wanted grazing before grooming. – She preferred grazing in favor of anything else! She broke out from the paddock more times with her horse friend. Once I helped the coach to take them back, and she said: “I take Renee you take Pria (the other horse), because Renee has an attitude now: ‘I’m a free woman!”’

After months of fooling around, the time has come when she was sold to a new owner. Before she left, I said good bye to her with a heavy heart. – Today she has a physically mild job; she works with autistic children, and has a foul of her own.

One time I had a chance to see her with the new owner, who was a kind lady. She led Renee out to an open arena. She showed off in response to her happiness: she whinnied, she galloped, she bucked up, and she ran in front of me just to stop at the last moment – which she liked to play before. The new owner said she has never seen a horse so confident after that serious injury.

When I met again with the previous owner, I shared my experience; then she told me:

“She always knew who she was!”

It dropped into my lap: That makes the difference! Knowing who we are enables us to be confident. Even if we have flaws or injuries, we are full of great characteristics. If we are aware of them, we can walk around with our head up high!


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You too want to be sure about yourself?

You too want to feel lovable?

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