“Discovering ME!”

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Somebody told me once not to be sensitive, after he threw a mean comment to my head. I felt bad enough because of the comment. In addition I felt even worse because I was labeled contemptuously sensitive. Was that actually true?

Partly yes, partly no. Let’s separate the facts and the evaluation! Am I sensitive? Most probably I am. Is this bad? Not at all! This is necessary for my job, and this is highly beneficial for maintaining fruitful social connections – which I appreciate most.

This itself would be enough for confidence and vote to keep sensitivity – not that we could change our characteristics by pure will.

But I went even further: why did this person considered sensitivity a negative trait and made me feel bad about it? Slowly I solved his riddle: occasionally he liked to tell mean things and he didn’t want to bear the consequences. If he can make me change and not showing my hurt feelings (which would be the result of not being sensitive), he is free to bully me anytime…

Since I realized that, I am proud to be sensitive, and use this feature for my and for the others advantage in my work and in my family.

With this program I help you to clarify foggy bad feelings, resentments and insecurities surrounding you!
Getting relief from similar grudges is only one part of its benefits. More importantly you can find your brightly shining side!

Let’s fill clear water into the glass! – tells the Hungarian proverb: Let’s clarify exactly:


Expressed in a positive way!

What are your best personality traits, main values and what do you expect from yourself?

This program guides you through the process with details. You can leave yourself to my lead, fill up the worksheets, consider my questions and clarify your traits. At the end of the program you might be filled with new discoveries about yourself.

New discoveries might associate with new evaluations and what we all need:



Below, let me show you the tool, which makes it simple! The name of the tool is “JigsawBox”. This is an Online Coaching tool which guarantees confidentiality, and allows access to specific information, plus gives place to send questions – comments to each other.

The video tutorial shows you how easy it is working with it!

Are you ready to jump on board?


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I am sure you deserve $ 18 for improving your personal life!
But what if the you don’t like the Program? (No way!)

If you are not satisfied with what you get;

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