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The “One and Only” does exist?

Do I have to choose right then everything will happen by default – or: Doesn’t matter who I chose if I adjust sufficiently love will follow? None of them, or both? In my opinion, this concept is the product of western civilization which assumes that you simply have to find your “true love”, progress your …

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Revealing Emotional Manipulation

Do you catch yourself doing sometimes what you don’t want to just to avoid being ridiculed, criticized, put down, labeled or other way pressurized? This presentation is for you!  I have no doubt about that we are all affected: parents, partners or the salesman in the door sometimes try to get us doing something, what we …

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Why does Christmas seem so difficult sometimes – and how acceptance can save it?

Relate to our loved ones flaws and mistakes with acceptance can make the difference between happy or resentful Holidays.   No matter which culture or religion, this time of the year when the days are the shortest as well as the coldest, we all want to withdraw ourselves into our cozy den and feel the …

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What is vulnerability good for?

Surprising turns, funny stories but mainly research data about how courage, compassion, connection and vulnerability makes our life worthy. She is knowledgeable, she is funny, she is a “researcher-story-teller”. Worth for 20 minutes!