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Culture Shock

Culture Shock

You wouldn’t think everything can be so different, would you? Every little step needs assistance, but you are afraid of asking for help because you don’t understand the same old English with this pronunciation! (Everybody keeps plum in her mouth?)Even harder the case if you don’t speak the language very well.

I know how it feels: like falling back to childhood when you need help for almost everything! Insecure, embarrassing!

Doorknobs, taps, toilet flashes, ATM machines and fill up stations are enemies.

Kind enquiries about your Well beings are embarrassing. The simple question “How are you?” makes you wonder how sincere and detailed should you answer. (Did you notice the surprise on the face of the cashier when you answered nicely?)

What’s your name is tricky, since in your country you use names differently, and you have more names, but never ever had a middle name?

What about people between each other? What is polite to ask, what is not? What is polite to question, what is not? Why said that lady she was fine, when her eyes were red from crying? How close can I go to them? Is it OK to hug someone? Is it a custom to give kisses?

How about arranging something? Aren’t you scared that they will not understand you? That they will think you are dumb while you cannot express yourself?

I know, you can continue on, and on for hours!

For the worker of the family, it is extremely stressful to achieve on the workplace, for the home maker it is more isolated than the one who at least have connections at work! It is hard for everyone!

But do you know that this is quite natural for everybody who came from another culture? It is called: the Culture Shock! It is a general feeling of insecurity, confusion, lack of confidence and isolation because of the cultural differences, because of the loss of the usual reference points.

This is normal, not an illness!

But you don’t have to suffer from it!

Counseling can decrease its tension, help to understand the new culture, accept its norm and standards, and bring the disturbing emotion closer to the rational understanding. Through this understanding, you can make the adaptation process quicker. You can choose your individual way of keeping your old values and old identity and in the same time adjusting yourself to the expectation to the new country! It can be enjoyable, even playful!

Let me help you to adapt easily!


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