Manipulation Games 8: Best Defense Is Offense

Best defense is offense

In this manipulation game the manipulator wards off confrontation with attack

Brianna came home from the party late at night, way later than it was agreed upon. Her mother was relieved when she returned home and consequently postponed the confrontation for a day later. The next day she reprimanded her for being late. This action provoked a huge blast.

As fume and flame came out Brianna’s mouth, she hurriedly shouted three other occasions when her mother was late, and reprimanded her mother for how rigid and un-understanding and how huge a hypocrite parent she was. The last time when she wanted to keep up with her newly gained friends, her mom didn’t let her go as if she were not trustworthy to take care of herself. Furthermore, not to mention the new tablet which she cannot get. It all proves how terrible her life is with this autocratic mom who obviously has trust issues.

Mom has been left confused: is she really autocratic? Does she really have trust issues? Should she allow a little longer rein for her teenage daughter?

This Manipulation Game’s goal is to derail the other party from discussing a problem. They throw several issues at once with anger to the other party’s head, simply a diversion tactic away from the topic. While the manipulator rants and raves, they play with your doubts and try to convince you that you have a problem.

The manipulator in this game has strong denial and they force the other to go along. They don’t want to change but would rather keep up their hidden, problematic behavior.

Most teenagers live with this tactic, but usually they grow out of it.

Reveal And Override Emotional Manipulation
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