Category: Emotional Manipulation

Awareness and possible protection against making you doing something you don't want to by inducing guilt, shame or anxiety.

Manipulation Games 3: The Constant Victim

In the “Constant Victim” manipulation game the manipulator plays the martyr to impose the feeling of guilt upon you. Avoiding that you suppose to do what he or she expects you to… My friend, a struggling small business owner, asked for a reasonable expense: a ballet class for her daughter. Like most other times, talking about money created …

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Manipulation Games 2: The Dependent in Charge

In the “Dependent in Charge” Manipulation Game someone who depends on you plays the role of authority and commands you with the “in charge” attitude    When I moved to my Grandfather’s house who I loved dearly, we had some rocky years. He and his second wife were in their late years. Their health declined …

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Manipulation Games 1: The “One Upmanship Expert”

In this Manipulation Game the manipulator is expert in any possible topic, corrects your smallest mistakes, finds your weak points and reminds you of them with pretending being of your help At times, I think I am an expert and armored against it. But yet again, I am struck again. In the middle of a …

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Six Signs of an Abusive Relationship

425.280.2643 Would you be aware of it if you were in an abusive relationship?  At my most recent check up, a pretty nurse prepared me for the visit. Her fine face was decorated by a dark circle encompassing her eye – almost surely caused by the viscous hand of her “loved one”. She was obviously …

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