Category: Emotional Manipulation

Awareness and possible protection against making you doing something you don't want to by inducing guilt, shame or anxiety.

Manipulation Games 8: Best Defense Is Offense

In this manipulation game the manipulator wards off confrontation with attack Brianna came home from the party late at night, way later than it was agreed upon. Her mother was relieved when she returned home and consequently postponed the confrontation for a day later. The next day she reprimanded her for being late. This action …

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Manipulation Games 7: Projection

In the Projection Manipulation Game people are not able to see the problematic behavior in themselves so see it as if it were others’ Connor is one of the sweetest guys in the computer industry. He jumps at the opportunity to help whenever he is needed, he is persistent to find any computer bug, and …

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Manipulation Games 6: Flirt

In the”Flirt” Manipulation Game someone uses her attractiveness, gives or promises sex for other advantages You can accuse me with professional or personal jealousy but I think it was not the case. I had a class mate in the university I didn’t appreciate too highly. She played the role of overly confident psychologist; she worked …

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Manipulation Games 5: Triangulator

In the “Triangulator” Manipulation Game the manipulator forms temporary alliance with someone and turns him or her against others Who hasn’t done that before: triggering the competitive side of siblings to gain easy compliance? “Who will be ready with dressing up first?” “Who has the cleaner room?” “Who has the better progress report?” The kids …

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Manipulation Games 4: Iron Fist

In the “Iron Fist” manipulation game the manipulator threatens you physically or mentally if you don’t do what he wants In our second meeting, all of a sudden the otherwise charming Larry leaned forward, lifted his finger before his face and began yelling. The problem seemed to me insignificant, but his reaction was way overboard. I was …

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