From Strings To Wings – Mini Online Training

Reveal and Override Emotional Manipulation

Emotional Manipulation:

Drives You Crazy,

Wears You Down,

Makes You Sick.

You are feeling frustrated and confused in your relationship? Have you tried everything to satisfy your partner, but still you feel like

  • You’re never good enough
  • You’re under pressure
  • You doubt your own sanity

You aren’t alone.

Many people struggle with a manipulative relationship. All of us become targets of emotional manipulation once in a while. We feel helpless toward the manipulator, hopeless about the situation, and uncertain about the reason for our negative feelings.

Manipulation leaves us confused and, rightfully, ANGRY!

Emotional manipulation is when someone makes you doing something you don’t want to by inducing GUILT, SHAME, or ANXIETY.

Emotional manipulation is deceitful communication. Something pretentious is happening on the surface that covers the real intention that hides underneath. Therefore, it is quite tricky to fight.

This manipulation takes advantage of the target and leaves the relationship unbalanced.

How should you respond? Learn how to handle manipulative situations!

Fight the Manipulation
Emotional Manipulation: deceptive, pretentious communication


I have studied manipulation for many years—formally and informally—through working as a counselor for people suffering from the emotional toll of manipulation.

I became frustrated by the unfair advantage that a manipulator gains from pressuring his or her target, so I developed out this short online training to reveal and override your emotional manipulation.

In the first 4 short presentations I explain what you need to know about manipulation:

  1. Basic principles
  2. Manipulator characteristics and the psychological games they play
  3. Dirty tactics they use to make you feel guilty, ashamed, or anxious
  4. Your vulnerabilities that can make you susceptible

Learn more about this training here:


Part 2 of this training covers what you need to do against manipulation:

Find the keys to handle manipulative situations!

  1. Buy time
  2. Disregard the imposed emotion
  3. Learn “Broken record” and other nondefensive communication techniques
  4. Make yourself a hardened target
  5. Name and block manipulation
  6. Set your terms

Learn more about this training here:

If you complete this training you will

  • Understand fully how your manipulator “pulls your strings” or “pushes your buttons”
  • Master manipulative situations
  • Build confidence
  • Pursue creating an equal, respectful relationship—or decide to quit the relationship
  • Be treated respectfully

Does this sound like something you need?

$27 – Less than a third of a therapy session!
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