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Basics of parenting, attachment, building trust, encouragement, praise, reword, listening, acknowledgment, cooperation, consistency, structure, consequences.

Who Is Yelling Is Losing

Who is yelling is losing…   My aunt said this often to me.   The first time I heard it as a child, it sounded like utter nonsense. Adults who raised their voice seemed to be so big and powerful if not outright threatening. At the same time, there is some truth in it: they …

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Manipulation Games 8: Best Defense Is Offense

In this manipulation game the manipulator wards off confrontation with attack Brianna came home from the party late at night, way later than it was agreed upon. Her mother was relieved when she returned home and consequently postponed the confrontation for a day later. The next day she reprimanded her for being late. This action …

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Manipulation Games 5: Triangulator

In the “Triangulator” Manipulation Game the manipulator forms temporary alliance with someone and turns him or her against others Who hasn’t done that before: triggering the competitive side of siblings to gain easy compliance? “Who will be ready with dressing up first?” “Who has the cleaner room?” “Who has the better progress report?” The kids …

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Unconventional Parenting?

Being in body contact with our small children most of the time considered unconventional? Really? How long do you look back in time?   After the Time Magazine Cover Story: “Are you mom enough?” the age old parenting debate gained new momentum. Interestingly we easily got strongly emotional about it. No wonder: how we were …

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Revealing Emotional Manipulation

Do you catch yourself doing sometimes what you don’t want to just to avoid being ridiculed, criticized, put down, labeled or other way pressurized? This presentation is for you!  I have no doubt about that we are all affected: parents, partners or the salesman in the door sometimes try to get us doing something, what we …

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